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Fine 100% Egyptian Cotton

The term Egyptian cotton is usually applied to the extra long staple cotton produced in Egypt and used by luxury and upmarket brands worldwide. It also has the most upper thread count.

Super Fine 100% Egyptian Cotton

The strength of the extra long staple Egyptian cotton fiber makes fabrics more solid and more resistant to stress. This allows the cotton to be spun into very fine yarn.

Two-Ply 100% Egyptian Cotton

Two-plies are the finest fabrics used for shirts as more than one thread is used for their yarns. Yarns of our single- and two-ply fabrics are made from pure long fibres Egyptian cotton.


100% Pinpoint Cotton

Pinpoint cotton belongs to the oxford family of cotton fabrics which are especially lightweight feel and a fine texture. Oxford cottons have a soft texture and a basket-weave appearance.

100% Oxford Cotton

Oxford is a type of woven dress shirt fabric, employed to make a particular casual-to-formal cloth in Oxford shirts. Varieties in the cloth are the plain, pinpoint and formal royal Oxford.

Egyptian Cotton Blend

With a cotton-rich 1000 thread count construction, these Egyptian cotton sheets are composed of a unique cotton/polyester blend and sure to provide a wonderful comfortable slumber.


Oxford Cotton Blend

Oxford Super Blend is one of the most recognizable brands and Cotton/Poly blend with a beautiful dobby border. Signature 100% cotton loops for higher water absorbency and quality.

Wool and Silk Blend by Ethan Smith

Silk wool fabric is incredibly elegant, it is got a nice shine to it and it's soft. This finest fabric use for any occasion fancy or formal and feel elegant, easy to sew, wear and never wrinkle.

Super 150S lightweight wool

It is easy to assume a Super 120s wool must be better than a Super 100s wool and not as good as a Super 150s wool in short, the higher the S-number, the better the fabric.


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