How It Works

Bespoke garment in easiest ways

Customize and measure yourself in some minutes, then put your garment on, right out of the box 3 weeks later.


1. Select fabric

Step one choose one favourite fabric to design your new garment. We have new and updated designs every week, so your cabinet can always be updated for every occasion. Select from a full selection of suits, shirts, outerwear and accessories to build your look.


2. Customize garment

Step two customize garment according your preferred options. We've said it before and we'll say it again: Fit is everything. We offer unique features for customzing your garments detail like monogramming, collar felts and linings feel free to cutomize it.


3. Send measurement

Step three send body measurement or best fitted garement measurement to create a tailored made garment. Follow our step-by-step measurement guides to set up your measurement profile. We walk you through every detail, so you can have the confidence to get it done right.


4. Payment online

Step four place your order and your payment online as well as address detail to deliver your garment. Once your order is placed, our team goes through all your measurements and customize options to ensure that everything looks perfect in your body according your preferences.


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