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What is The Oxford Tailor and why is it rapidly becoming one of the most renowned suit tailors in Bangkok?

The oxford tailor being a family owned business since 2008, owes almost all of its business to it’s customers for graciously spreading the word to their friends and families both domestically and nationally on their high level of satisfaction when ordering and working with us here at The Oxford Tailor. The reason for this is because our sole priority at The Oxford Tailor is dedicated to 110% customer satisfaction (we will prove this to you).

Where we not only assist you with the highest quality advice in the industry, but also in helping you select the correct cuts, colors, fabrics and design choices for your own personal style. We too work with you on a personal level in creating your perfect garment whether it be a shirt, suit, tuxedo or something unique for your wedding.

Bangkok Thailand is known as one of, if not the best place to buy tailored suits in the world. With that, The Oxford Tailor has expanded to be one of the most iconic brands and reliable tailors in Bangkok, Thailand, where, not only can you order online and have your garments shipped anywhere in the world. But we too save all your measurements and details when you choose to order through us again, making certain we have all your correct credentials to design you yet another special piece of tailored art.

At The Oxford Tailor we know it is simply too easy to tell you we provide 110% customer satisfaction. Which is why we want to prove to you we do, by providing all of our online customers with a perfectly fitted garment guarantee! So you can ensure when ordering with us here at The Oxford Tailor you know you are only getting the best.

To make an order please be sure to check out our website at www.theoxfordtailor.com. Where you can simple view all the images exclusively owned by The Oxford Tailor and follow the links to order yourself something special.

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