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What makes The Oxford Tailor tuxedos unique?

The primary physical difference between a tuxedo and a suit is the presence of satin. Traditionally tuxedos have satin facing on the lapels, buttons, pocket trim, and a satin side stripe down the leg of the trousers. Suits don’t incorporate any satin, some modern tuxedo options have minimized the use of satin to a thin satin trim on the lapels and a thin satin bead down the pant leg, but the primary difference between the two is that tuxedos have satin on them and suits don’t. Of course, to every rule there are exceptions.


Comparison of Suit vs Tuxedo




Shirts Plain front shirt, long sleeved with full length buttoned. Tuxedo shirts have pleated front and can be worn with cuff links, studs and other similar accessories.
Jacket Lapels May be made of same material as rest of the jacket. Jacket lapels are covered in satin material.
Trousers No satin stripe on outside of pants. Tuxedo pants feature matching satin stripe going down the outer leg of the pants.
Shoes Smart formal shoes like Oxfords, Derbies or smart slip ons. Shiny patent leather shoes only.
Function Suitable for more conservative and formal affairs like business meetings, weddings, funerals. Suitable for semi formal evening events like prom, wedding parties, charity events, award ceremonies.

Tuxedo Shirts

Most tuxedos are worn with specific accessories that include the slightly stiffened, sometimes fancy, white pleated shirt that closes with old-fashioned shirt studs rather than buttons.

Perfect shining

Typically tuxedos have satin facing on the lapels, buttons, pocket trim, and a satin side stripe down the leg of the trousers.

Shawl Lapels

The shawl lapel, roll collar, or shawl collar is a continuous curve. Originally seen on the Victorian smoking jacket, it is now most common on the dinner jacket or tuxedo. This similarly began as informal eveningwear, and was then made in both more and less formal versions, depending on the situation in which it was to be used.


Tuxedo Trouser Seam

The tuxedo trousers feature a thin, elegant silk line down the side seam. The subtle details shines bright when complemented by the silk lapels.

No Belt Loops & Cuffs

The tuxedo trousers have no belt loops and no cuffs. Cummerbund or suspenders are part of the attire.

Sleeve buttons

The jacket’s sleeves finish with four buttons with their edges touching, just like the sleeves on the tailcoat and better business suits. All of the jacket’s buttons can be plain black or covered in the lapel’s facing.


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