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What makes The Oxford Tailor trousers unique?

Personalize your tailored pants online. Design them by yourself and do not worry about the size! Every detail is important for you, so you can learn here we can make perfect pants for you.


Safety Money Pocket

This secret pocket on the inner waistband is a compartment to keep cash (or other valuables) safe and hidden from prying hands.

Heel Guard

Heel guards not only provide an extra layer of fabric to prevent excessive wear on the hem, it gives a bit more weight to the pant leg for a better drape.

Rubberized Strips

A key detail for the weekday and weekend warriors, the rubberized strip on the inside of the waistband keeps your dress shirt from becoming untucked during movements. Simple? Yes. Effective? Very.


Soft & Luxurious

Fine wools have a soft & luxurious hand feel making them the most sought after in the world. The fineness of the fibers makes for a lightweight comfortable fabric that is a perfect match for our suits and pants.

Perfect Pant Length

Our suits and pants are made to fit your body, so you can rest assured you will be noticed for all the right reasons. Your pants should extend beyond the heel of your dress shoe.

Waist fitting

The waist can be taken in 1-2 inches before your pant require for additional alterations. For whom worry about your fitting, please don't worry that much.


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