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What makes The Oxford Tailor jackets unique?

We’ve upgraded the underlying components of our suits to bring you a garment that will fit you better and is more lightweight, comfortable, and longer lasting than ever before. It is now time to deepen our understanding with a more detailed exploration of its main component, the jacket.

A men’s suit jacket has many underpinnings and options, and each is an important part of selecting a garment that will flatter and enhance ones individual characteristics.


Softest Collar Felts

A hand-set collar reinforces the softest collar felts, which keeps it evenly distributed and also prevents the collar from rolling upwards.

Boutonniere Loop

The purpose of the boutonniere loop is to hold the stem of the boutonniere behind the lapel. Stitched by hand on the backside of the lapel, the boutonniere loop is a small detail only found on luxury suits that pay homage to sartorial tradition.

Hand-sewn Jacket's Armholes

Hand-sewn, pleated armholes result in a sturdier jacket without sacrificing fit or mobility. Bear hug away.


D-Ring Stiching

D-Ring stitching reinforces your pockets to keep them sturdy and secure. So while your wallet might get fatter, your pockets will always stay in shape.

Bull Horn Buttons

Bull horn buttons are not only more durable than plastic buttons, they’re more elegant. The unique markings on the buttons make each button completely one of a kind.

Remarkable Workmanship

Our skilled workers are as passionate about suits as we are and take expert care in the assembly of our garments. From hand-stitching your jacket arm to the shoulder and reinforcing each button, your suit is being handled with care every step of the way.


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